Benefits of Membership

  1. Be part of faith communities that honor the diversity of religious expression and support interfaith collaboration.
  2. Be invited to attend the annual members' gatherings addressing issues of concern to the community and offering possibilities for information exchange and collaboration on common problems.
  3. Have access to the Council's contacts and information resources about diverse faith communities and interfaith events in the county.
  4. Be able to call upon the Council to help foster new collaborative activities of special interest to your faith community.
  5. Announce your events to the wider community through Council publications, radio program, and web site.
  6. Participate in the Oil Purchase Group at no additional charge.

Responsibilities of Membership

  1. Retain the possibility of having a member of your faith community elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Council. (All Directors come from member faith communities.)
  2. Make, at least, an annual membership minimum contribution of $100. Guidelines suggest contributing 1% of a faith community's annual received contributions. (See note 4 below.)
  3. Publicize Council events to your own faith community. Participate in interfaith events.


  1. Members of the Dutchess County Interfaith Council are faith communities located within Dutchess County, New York.
  2. Individuals who would like to become active in the work of the Council can become Friends of the Council and/or volunteers.
  3. Organizations that support and collaborate in the work of the Council become Council Community Partners.
  4. Membership fees can be lowered when necessary. Please speak to the Executive Director.