Tuesday, October 20th 7pm Interfaith Story Circle

Stories of A Remarkable Worship Service
Pleasant Plains Presbyterian Church, 
Fiddlers Bridge Rd., Staatsburg

Many of us attend weekly observances in our faith communities or mark special occations with solemn ceremonies.  Specific observances or ceremonies are often noteworthy because of unique characteristics that range from excellent to poignant to comic.  Come share your memories of a remakable worship service.  All are welcome, this event is free.

2015 CROP WALK2015 CROP Walk Sunday, October 18th
Hudson Valley Community Center
115 S Grand Ave., Poughkeepsie
Raising funds to end hunger at home and around the world!  25% of the money raised comes back to Dutchess County!  This 6.3 mile walk has three stops along the route with access to bathrooms and water.  Fuel up at our DCIC Bake Sale which raises money for DCIC
Sponsored by Church World Service.
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CROP WalkWant to Walk?  Not sure if your church or organization has a team?  Want to start your own team?  Or maybe you just want to make a donation to our CROP Walk?  Click here.

2015 Music Festival
Suggested Donation $15
Sing in the Interfaith Choir
Donate to become a Music Festival Builder

2014-2015 DCIC Oil Purchase Group Contract

Looking ahead to the 2015-2016 season, DCIC would like to notify all our OPG members that the annual membership fee will increase starting September 1st 2015 from $50 to $100.  As always, any organization that has already contributed $100 or more in donations to DCIC since January 1st 2015 is exempt from paying the OPG membership fee.

More info to come.

DCIC continues to work with Love/ Effron to extend savings on heating oil to Dutchess County houses of worship and non-profits.

The 2014-2015 Oil Purchase Group contract with Love/Effron started September 1, 2014 and ends August 31, 2015.  This year's contract remains the same as the last contract season, visit our Oil Purchase Group page for all the details.

This season we are happy to offer special pricing on propane to our members!

All houses of worship and non-profits who pay for fuel oil or propane are welcome to join the DCIC OPG.  Are you a OPG member and need to re-enroll? Would you like to enroll in the DCIC OPG as a new member? This year's OPG Brochure and Enrollment Form is now available in PDFand you can pay the DCIC OPG membership fee online using Paypal. Have questions about the OPG?  Check out our OPG FAQ.

Fair Trade Study Trip to Nicaragua Conducted by Bridges to Community Endorsed by DCIC

Community members are invited to join a Fair Trade study trip to Nicaragua endorsed by the Interfaith Council and conducted by Bridges to Community.  Both organizations are members of the Dutchess Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Participants will meet with local rural farmers, artisans, and business leaders to discuss economic conditions and obstacles and will visit existing Fair Trade endeavors.  Tours will include coffee plantations, hikes in natural eco-tourism reserves, and historical sites.  Briefings with University historians, economists, and US AID representatives will be undertaken to understand the history of Nicaragua and recent developments including CAFTA, Fair Trade, and Free Trade Zones.

Individuals will have the opportunity to volunteer in rural communities in which Bridges to Communities is engaged in sustainable development and will enjoy the local foods, hotels, and traditional Nicaraguan music. We will be departing on November 11 and returning on November 18, 2015.

Contact Frank Pepe at frankvpepe@gmail.com or visit  www.bridgestocommunity.org for a complete itinerary.   

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Our partners, Poughkeepsie Plenty are launching the Poughkeepsie Plenty Fresh Market, a grocery store on wheels.  From June to October the market will be selling fresh veggies and fruit at four sites in Poughkeepsie. Shop at the market, and connect with your community!

Poughkeepsie Plenty Farm Market Flyer